USeful listings for piano teachers and educators. These lists are fluid and constantly being updates.

Piano Music by Grade

There is so much piano music available from 1600 to present day.

This listing gives a guide, including the exam year usage, for the standard of a piece. 

The standard is a guide. If you are grade 2 you should be able to play a grade 2 piece with practice, a grade 1 piece with ease. Equally so a grade 1 piece can be used by a grade 5 learner as sight reading practice.

Musical Terms

A lost of the terms of musical expression required for grades 1 - 5 theory including the Italian, French and German terms.

Remember if you want to do grades you need grade 5 theory before you can do grade 6, so here is a chance to learn them all. 

Also included are required symbols, degrees of the scale, keys, orchestral instruments etc . 

Physical Music Library

A listing of the music in stock for use in lessons by Music Academy educators. Please use the reservation form to book use.

Resource Library

Physical resources for use or hire by Music Academy educators and learners. Please use the reservation form to book use.

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