Recorder Aulos Sopranino 507B

Recorder Aulos Sopranino 507B

SKU: 1682Y

Sopranino recorders are the second smallest models in the modern recorder family and occupy the f'' - g'''' register – an octave above Treble (Alto) recorders. They are commonly used for ensemble and solo playing and are often used to imitate bird song.

They make for excellent recorders for younger players and players with smaller hands due to their smaller size - generally around 20 - 25cm in length.

Sopranino recorders use the most common fingering system - Baroque (English) fingering - unless otherwise noted.

Aulos Sopranino 1682Y Symphony - Key Features

  • Tone: Clear and even tone, free of shrillness. Exceptionally light and delicate response.
  • Design: Three-piece. Curved windway - concave bell at the foot-joint. Patented AULOS “cavity wall” design. c/c# double key.
  • Colour: Dark Brown and Ivory 
  • Suitable for: For ensemble and solo playing. 
  • Register: f’’ - g’’’’
  • Fingering: Baroque (English)
  • Material: ABS resin
  • Accessories: Leatherette bag, fingering chart and cleaning rod. 
  • Length: 24.5cm