Recorder Aulos Bass 533B symphony

Recorder Aulos Bass 533B symphony

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Occupying the lowest register in the standard recorder family and an octave lower than Treble (Alto) recorders (f - g''), Bass recorders produce a full and rich tone and are commonly used as the lowest instrument in recorder ensemble playing.

Bass recorders use the most common fingering system - Baroque (English) fingering - unless otherwise noted.

Aulos Bass 533B Symphony - Key Features

  • Design: Three-piece. Curved windway - concave bell at the foot-joint. Double Keys for F and F# and Double holes for G and G# and fitted with a bocal and built-in thumb rest.
  • Colour: Dark Brown and Ivory
  • Suitable for: Commonly used as the lowest instrument in a recorder ensemble. Well thought out position of keys and finger holes makes fingering comfortable.
  • Register: f – g’’
  • Fingering: Baroque (English)
  • Material: ABS resin
  • Tone: Excellent response. Full sound and reliable tone in all registers.
  • Accessories: Leatherette bag, cleaning rod, micro-fibre cleaning cloth, joint grease, fingering chart & sling.
  • Length: 98.5cm