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Updated: Jan 28

Lockdown 2021 Free Downloads. Free downloads to compliment your music lessons. If you would like any checking please speak to your tutor or email info@stalybridgemusicacademy.com

January 8th 2021.

Name the line notes. PDF Download

January 13th 2021

Left hand note rhymes. A 'Rhyme' Usage Warning: These rhymes, as with many learning tools, can be a hindrance as well as a benefit. The down side is that you can depend on the words in one order too much. If this memory aid is used in conjunction with flash cards and other devices then, they are useful. If it is used exclusively then it will not be very beneficial for speed reading. The preferred approach is to use a method that includes reading, action, writing and hearing. This can be with flash cards, rhymes for theory, note location, memory recall apps and reading your music out loud before playing it. Download PDF

January 14th 2021

Flash cards for the notes C5 to G5. Flash Cards Print the page from this link cut around the outside lines and the horizontal lines then fold each strip in half.

Match Cards

This idea was from a student who suggested you can print a second copy and cut round all the boxes to make match cards. Great idea ! PDF Download

January 15th 2021

Semitones and tones or half steps and whole steps. A semitone is the distance to the note immediately next door, a tone is the note next door but one, or two semitones away.

PDF Download

January 16th 2021

Name the line notes, watch the clef.

PDF Download

January 20th 2021

Name the space notes, watch the clef.

PDF Download

January 21st

Name the intervals

PDF Download

January 25th

Circle the correct clef to make the first labelled note correct.

Then write the letter names under the other notes.

PDF Download

January 28th

Work out the letters for each note and write underneath & connect to the right picture.

PDF Download

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