Music Library

Book available to loan to students. Refundable

Deposit £5. Administration Fee £1 per month.


Piano scores, books and sheet music.


Music for guitar (all types), ukulele, banjo, mandolin and other frets.


Music for Violin, Viola or Cello


Music for trumpet, trombone, tuba, French horn and other valved brass


Music for Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe or Recorder

Drum Kit & Percussion

Music for Drum kit and assorted percussion.

Keyboard Music

Music books for the keyboard (not piano).

PVG Music

Music for piano, vocals and guitar, piano, uke and voice, lyrics and chords etc.

Organ Music

Music for pipe or home organ (not keyboard).

Reference Books

Not to be lent out, for reference only.

Ear Training

Ear training for examinations

Written Music

Music theory books

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