The Egyptian Level: Wooding

Knowledge Skills

The composer, Kevin Wooding, was born in 1964 in Australia and now works in Britain teaching and composing and researching effective ways that the mind and self can be brought to inner and outer peace, freeing thought and action from unconscious blocks.

Learner Skills

A piece with a distinctive Middle Eastern feel. This piece will appeal to learners who like an alternative sound with character. The piece is from the popular book "Spooky Piano Time" co authored by the composer. Learners will need to comfortably read to G3 on the treble stave.

Stylistic Skills

The performance direction of Egyptically, which is an excellent trigger for the imagination. However there is also a metronome mark of crotchets = 116 bpm which some may find a little fast which means a little more practice will be required on the sections causing problems.

The touch should be confident and full of energy.

Articulation Skills

Wooding advises the player "To keep all those hungry mummies happy, you must make this piece as smooth as you possibly can, giving the impression of a snake " so lots of legato in the right hand while observing the phrase endings. See the phrases as individual snakes and the endings as tails. Ensure the left hand staccato and rests are included.

Sound Skills

This piece is full of energy which needs to be expressed in the playing. Use the poem to trigger the imagination and produce a high energy performance full of middle Eastern character which is aided by the Bb to C# augmented 2nd.

Technical Skills

The piece is in simple quadruple time with the emphasis on the phrasing. The melody and tonality encourages this Egyptian feel which can be enhanced by using a slight rise and fall of dynamics with the rise and fall of the notes. The poem will enhance the imagination to help produce the performance direction 'Egyptically'.

Pedal Skills

The sostenuto pedal is used to add atmosphere and character to the last three bars of the piece. As this section is also marked pianissimo you may choose to include the 'una corda' to add to the disappearing fade at the end of the piece.

Practice Skills

This piece requires smooth and snake like legato and phrase execution. The snake like character is encouraged by the rise and fall of the notes on line 1 and 3.

The observation of the accent on line 3 and 4 will help to achieve a confident hand postion move.

Take care with the scale fingering on the last line and 5 to 1 finger exchange on the repeated E.

The speed variations on the last line will need careful practice.

Teaching Skills

Warm up with the scale and arpeggio used in the piece.

Ensure all the terms and signs used in the piece are understood.

The piece should be practised at one speed initially with the ritardando added a when it has been proven the last bars are played at tempo.

Aural work can be enhanced with a 'spot the staccato or accents' activity.

Performance Skills

This piece offers the opportunity to use a vivid imagination in performance. Playing this piece with middle Eastern character and the image of the mummies leaving over the sandhills in the last bar will produce a memorable performance.

Exam Skills

An accomplished learner will be confident whose performance encourages a picture of the mummies roaming the sand dunes. It will include plenty of detail.

A satisfying performance which displayd accurate rhythms, contrasting dynamics and a good balance between hands would indicate that the performer has achieved the completion of a number of new skills during the time spent practising.

On completion of the learning process an acceptable performance will be a little variable in timing but will have an accurate rhythm and some dynamics confirming the skills had been understood.

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